Choosing a mover can prove to be tedious and tumultuous, and a poor decision can be expensive and potentially disastrous. How do you choose the RIGHT mover? Do you base it off of a few reviews on Yelp? Or, perhaps, use the mover your Aunt Jenny recommends on Facebook who moved her couch that one time? Moving your office, medical practice or business is way more complex, but we have some tips that can make choosing a mover THAT much easier! 

STEP ONE – Give Yourself Enough Time 

Planning your move about 8 months prior to your move date is optimal, but not always possible! We recommend contacting potential movers to give you quotes as soon as you know you’re moving. That way, you can plan the budget for your move and start to prep for it in an efficient way. This will give your staff the optimal time to pack, plan around specific move dates and organize any of the materials needed for the move or the arrival at the new space!


STEP TWO – Picking the Right Organization

So you have your quotes? Now what?

Moving yourself (whether it is a residential unit or a commercial space) is never recommended. From shrink-wrapping your delicate items to using the proper boxes, an experienced mover knows what to do and how to do it in the most time-efficient and cost-effective way. But how do you know which guy is the best? 

– Research the Company (make sure they have licenses, certifications, insurance and are trusted by the public)

– Find a mover who stands behind their services and are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Check their social media posts to get an idea of “who they are.” Are their sales associates passionate about delivering an outstanding experience to you? Speak with references. 

– Experience (years in the business) aren’t necessarily a guarantee that a company does good work, but the number of years in business and the numbers of unsatisfied complaints can be a solid indicator of reliability or a danger sign. Arrow Transfer and Storage has over 20+ years in moving, shredding and storage… we’ve seen it all and moved it all! 

– Make sure the mover you choose is experienced in the CORRECT field. Some movers specialize in household moving, others in office moving! Make sure when you pick an organization that is experienced in YOUR type of move. Moving a person’s piano is different than moving a company’s servers. Both require a delicate touch and a lot of care, but there IS a difference!


STEP THREE – Better Business Bureau 

Let’s be real for a sec…. no one likes to move. The moving industry is a service industry and is always in high demand…people are always moving but they hate the disruption! 

While Yelp & Google Reviews can be handy, it is always best to see what the trusted Better Business Bureau has to say about the people who will be handling your belongings. 

If a Moving Company does not have a high rating, there’s a reason why. Arrow has an A+ rating (the highest!) which makes us among the best, most reliable movers in all of NY State! 



STEP FOUR – Let the Moving Company Take Care of You!

A good mover takes the responsibility off your plate so that you can focus on running your business and keeping your clients happy. An excellent mover will be able to handle the floor plans, the move from origin to destination, certificates of insurance, contracts and all of the move related stress. Let the Moving Company do their work while you do yours with no muss and no fuss!