Sometimes you have to move quicker than is usual. Below, we’ll outline the best practices for managing an unexpected move and incorporating time constraints into the planning process. We’ll also address the key elements of what to look for in a professional moving partner.

Most offices begin planning large-scale moves months in advance – from negotiating lease agreements and organizing employee migration, to securing equipment transportation and data storage, all these things take time to plan safely and efficiently. Having specialized in commercial moving for over 20 years, we know there are exceptions to the norm, and that commercial moves don’t always happen under the most ideal circumstances…not everyone has the advance notice, resources, or necessary experience when it comes to moving their business to a new location.

So, what do you do when life goes haywire and throws you a wild card? You make it work, and we have the experience to guide you through that process!

Create a Checklist. The details matter, especially when you’re moving on a budget or within a tight timeline. Organizing a hierarchy of needs will help you stay focused on the things that matter most.

Document a moving strategy, a list of action items. We offer a free moving checklist to base yours on. Organizing everything on paper will not only make it easier to keep track of the details, it will free up your “headspace” to focus on the execution of action items.

Designate a point person within your company who has ultimate responsibility for the move. Having someone focused on the operational aspect of the move itself will assign responsibility for follow-through.

Work with an experienced moving company. Make sure they have all the necessary insurance, equipment, manpower and experience to handle your move professionally. After more than 20 years, Arrow specialists have seen it all. Having the added value of our experience during this hectic time will help you avoid common and costly mistakes.

Have A Backup Plan. Imagine that you’re pulling up to the finish line of this last-minute move, and you’re unceremoniously informed by the super of your new building that the A/C is busted on your floor and won’t be repaired until the end of the week. All the computer equipment and IT racks you were planning to set up probably won’t do too well in the summer heat for 5 days straight. What now? It might feel like a luxury to incorporate a “Plan B” into an office move that’s already happening on short notice, but the gamble of not doing so is too high for your business. We’re talking about storage and archiving – two pivotal aspects of all office moves, but especially important when you’re planning things on short notice. In the event of a scheduling mishap, delay, change in plan, or general access issue, you need to make sure that your resources are protected as a stopgap measure. Arrow offers an ideal solution in flexible off-site storage. Not only does our facility meet security and environmental safety standards, it’s also always open meaning this custom solution works to your schedule – even if you don’t know what that schedule is yet. Make sure your mover can handle last minute issues that might come up for you and is flexible enough to roll with the punches and help you stay on track.

Don’t Panic. When you’re working under time constraints, it sometimes feels like there’s almost no limit to what can go wrong – if you mistime your exit, you could be looking at issues with either the former or upcoming lease, which can lead to legal or financial trouble; if there’s a delay in the moving schedule, it could lead to valuable equipment being left stranded with no secure home, which is a major data liability; you could be looking at a company full of employees that show up ready to work in their new office…with no computers or IT equipment ready to go – this means unhappy customers, a damage to employee confidence, and a dip in business productivity. Taking all those costly factors into consideration, it’s imperative that you keep a cool head. Use that apprehension about your worst-case-scenario as motivation. And get started on planning out the most important parts of your move.

We know the headache of an office move with time constraints isn’t an ideal scenario for any business. Work with an experienced mover who can help you navigate potentially choppy waters.

Arrow Transfer & Storage is ready to help!