Moving can be expensive, and highly stressful. There’s a lot that can go wrong, and if not handled with care it can disrupt your normal business functions leading to a substantial loss of productivity. That said, you can easily avoid some of the most common problems by avoiding these common mistakes:

1) Not allowing enough time for the process.

Even though they know they’re moving, companies often wait way too long to engage a reputable moving company. This can result in last-minute confusion, as well as increased costs due to the mover knowing they’ve got you “over a barrel.” Depending on what needs to be moved, when it needs to be moved and how far it’s moving a budget needs to be created. The smart thing is to research moving companies well in advance of your move (a year is ideal but at least three to six months) so that your mover has time to plan effectively for everything they need to do on their end. That way, when moving day arrives, the move goes smoothly.


2) Working with a moving company solely based on their price

While the price is always important, saving money on your move can turn out to be extremely expensive. It’s easy to find a guy who rents a truck and picks up some day workers at Home Depot to save a few bucks but your savings could end up costing you big money. When choosing a mover, you should consider:

-Are they a bunch of guys who rented some trucks or do they move like a well-oiled machine?        Experienced movers choreograph your move to make sure everything gets out of the old facility, learn more about how to choose a mover here.

-Do they own their trucks? (Companies that own their fleet tend to take better care of them)

-Are the trucks well maintained? (A beat-up truck that breaks down can delay the pick-up and delivery of your things)

-Do they have all needed insurance?

-Do they have experience moving a company of your size? Commercial movers should be the only ones moving your business! Find out why here.

-Will there be a Project Manager responsible for your move? (Having a main point of contact who is responsible for the men doing the move, and your satisfaction makes your life easier)

-Will the take reasonable responsibility for any possible damages?

-Do they take the time to find out the rules and regulations of both the building you’re moving out of and the one you’re moving into?


3) Assuming everything you currently have will fit into your new space.

You can engage a moving consultant who will make sure that everything you use now will also work well in your new space, but any reputable mover will be able to do that for you as part of the moving fee. Again, by starting the process early enough, your moving expert will have time to survey all your items (desks, chairs, credenzas, shelves, computers, etc.) and by looking at the new space can advise you as to whether it will fit or not. This also gives them time to plan on disposing anything you don’t need at your new location and to bring in a liquidator to possibly pay you for some of the furniture you don’t want or need, which will help you to offset some of the cost of your move.


4) Forgetting about heavy and expensive equipment when planning

Most people know they must move desks and chairs and other furniture but don’t consider expensive and heavy printers, copiers, file cabinets, fax machines, servers and other expensive and crucial IT equipment. This can lead to extra expense and list time. If computer equipment isn’t disconnected and reconnected properly, by the right people, you can be out of business for days.


5) Not checking references and the Better Business Bureau

If you don’t leave enough time to check references and the BBB you might end up with a company doing your move poorly, which could have been easily avoided. All movers make occasional mistakes and sometimes items do get damaged, but it’s how the mover takes care of you when things don’t go perfectly that can make all the difference. The BBB can give you valuable information on previous complaints and whether they were resolved or not.


By allowing yourself, and your mover, enough time you can save yourself a load of aggravation and unnecessary expense. At Arrow, with over 20 years of experience and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, we make moving easier!