Our Superior Process

Experience  |  Knowledge  |  Understanding

We have been moving businesses for over 30 years. This has given us a deep understanding of what is important to you when you are planning and implementing a commercial move.  We have the experience in all facets and logistics of the process.


The first step

First, a needs analysis is scheduled so we can determine how to organize and budget the move by understanding all of your specific criteria. By collaboratively working with you and all stakeholders we can inform you as to the appropriate services and costs you’ll need to properly complete your project on time and on budget.

The Better The Plan...The Better The Move


“Becoming operational post move” is the most common concern of our clients and we plan your office move that way. From our needs analysis we determine priorities and then, along with your input, we establish the appropriate moving process that will lessen your organizational downtime.


Once the process is established, which includes timing, floor plans, furniture, contents and technology placement we are able execute the plan for the physical relocation of your business.


The actual physical move is completed by a staff of trained, experienced professionals. To support our staff we have developed specialized equipment to facilitate office relocations.


Our unique process of analysis, planning, specialized equipment and collaboration coupled with our years of experience enable us to continually exceed expectations.



It is critical that all staff and individuals are part of the move. Our team works with you to develop the most effective way to communicate with your employees so everyone has an understanding of their role to ensure a smooth relocation.


Your IT

Our strategy for handling your IT is based on the specific needs for that specific area. It’s about planning. You depend on technology to keep your business up and running. That’s why we coordinate with your IT department to ensure a seamless transition to your new facility in the most efficient way possible.


We have in-depth experience, successfully relocating computers, printers, server rooms, phones, and other critical technology. We’ve been providing these services to the NY business community for over 30 years keeping your IT safe and secure. Anytime, anywhere under the most stressful conditions…without incident.

Cost Containment

Arrow’s consultative approach to estimating allows you and us to identify the seemingly endless amount of variables that impact the final cost. We review all of the necessary steps and critical issues that need to be addressed. Our thorough and comprehensive approach simplifies what could otherwise be an overwhelming process. In this way, you can rely on our experience to reduce the possibility of unanticipated expenses. As experts in the field of moving, we will be able to offer suggestions and guidance which may save you time and money.


Complex moves

We specialize in engineering the logistics of complicated projects from clinical laboratories to offices in multiple locations. We take an enhanced approach to complex moves because It requires a more sophisticated level of communication between you and us. A more hands on approach, creation of teamwork inside and outside the organization, facilitating departments to work together with a high level of sensitivity to the divergent personalities, and cultures that exist throughout the organization.


Living up to our mission of providing outstanding and superior moving services that consistently exceed your expectations.


Easing Your Stress

We do our job so you can continue to do yours. Even though you’re moving, all your daily responsibilities still need your attention. We understand how stressful that can be. So you can rely on us to oversee and manage the entire moving process for you.


Our experience tells us that moving is a process subject to change.  The best of plans can be affected by construction issues, legal considerations, and personal needs. We know to expect the unexpected.  We recognize that changes do and often occur and take them in stride. Through our collaborative efforts we determine a moving date understanding that delays can happen even at the last minute.


Clear and continuous communication is critical. You can rely on our staff to maintain contact with you on a regular basis and to be available to answer your questions and accommodate your needs.


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