Smart Document Management

Strategic Document Management is essential for a smart move. Relocating provides an unexpected opportunity to sort through, thin out, and organize the huge number of documents that multiply exponentially in most offices.  Whether your files are maintained in print and/or electronically, you can achieve efficiencies by archiving historical materials and reference documentation, while keeping live files close at hand. At the same time, all of your data can be easily accessible whenever you need it. Let Arrow Transfer work with you to explore your options and to individualize a document management program for you.

Arrow T&S offers document management services to include storage and digitization

Arrow's Document Storage Advantages

Step 1—Needs Assessment

Resourceful Document Management begins with assessing your storage needs. By involving your team, you can facilitate the process and ease the transition for everyone. Before making the decision about how you will incorporate document management services in your relocation plans, some questions should be asked and answered:


  • How many hard-copy files do you have?
  • Measurements can be estimated by calculating the number of standard file boxes would be needed  to  contain the paper files within the office or department.
  • How many of these hard-copy files can be archived?
  • How many of these hard-copy files need to be on-hand?
  • How many of these hard-copy files can be scanned or converted?
  • How many electronic files do you have—how much drive space is unused?
  • Measurements can be estimated simply, for example, by checking hard disc space used and remaining unused space, assuming that the space is dedicated to office use.
  • How many of these electronic files can be archived?
  • Which files require confidentiality?
  • How much physical “open” document storage space is available at your new location for both universal and for private access?


Step 2—Estimating and Budgeting

Following completion of your needs assessment, we’ll work with you and your staff to review your assessment and create the best solution to your document management needs. Arrow can save you time, expense, and space by helping you with all your document management needs, including:

  • Moving
  • Destroying
  • Shredding
  • Storing
  • Archiving
  • Digitizing

Our services extend to digital media as well as paper documents and records. Arrow can accommodate any of your document management needs.

Secure Document Storage Services

With a basic picture of your needs and an understanding of the options available for document storage, it’s time to contact Arrow Transfer to refine your needs assessment and to design an effective and efficient document management program. We have the resources you need to manage your resources.
Our document management specialists know the variety of possibilities and respect your need for privacy, confidentiality, and security for all your materials.
At Arrow Transfer, we have imaging and scanning capabilities for preserving documents and conserving space. We can take your photos, sketches, diagrams, maps, plans, renderings, and papers and transfer them into electronic files which can be easily stored, immediately accessed, and readily backed up.

Digitizing/Converting records

We can transfer and index your print information onto space-saving, read-only CD/DVDs. These disks offer quick reference and the convenience of e-mailing or faxing. We can also convert and save your microfilm files onto a CD/DVD. By converting your files, you have the versatility to make the content a on a variety of computer formats or can be limited to your in-house network.
Benefits of Arrow’s Document Storage

  • Organized information—easy to access
  • Secure storage in climate-controlled facility
  • Pick-up and delivery
  • Confidentiality assured
  • “Fire-proof” facility security
  • “Fire-wall” electronic security
  • Insured facility and personnel
  • Convenient file tracking
  • Open and closed shelf availability
  • Round-the-clock /round-the-calendar access

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