Moving furniture isn’t rocket science, but there is an art and a science to it. From the initial walk-through (to produce your estimate), to getting blueprints and assigning the right Project Manager, to carefully choreographing the move, assigning the right move team and actually getting the job done there are a lot of moving parts and a ton of planning that needs to be done if your move is going to go smoothly. Little is more important to your successful move than the way your computers and IT infrastructure are handled.
IT equipment is not only crucial to the running of your business, it’s fragile and must be handled by professionals who know what they’re doing. The last thing you need is to arrive at your new location, the morning after your move, only to find your computer systems aren’t up and running. It will be nice that your desks and file cabinets are all in place, but if your computers don’t work, you’re mostly out of business until they do.

The first thing is to coordinate with your IT support team, whether internal or external. We coordinate with them, including making certain your back-ups are done prior to the move. If you typically do your back-ups at 6:00 p.m. but we disconnect your system starting at 3:00, you’ll be missing a back-up and that could be especially important if that back-up ends up being needed.
At Arrow we always handle your IT equipment first. We pack it ourselves (we offer that service for everything else, but we always pack your computers) including disconnecting all wiring and peripherals (mouse, keyboard, etc.) and putting them in special computer bags. In the age of COVID-19 people want to make sure they get THEIR mousepad, THEIR iPhone dock and wiring, THEIR keyboard and more. Everything gets properly labeled to make sure the right equipment goes with the right computer and monitor, and to the right person at your new location. Monitors are carefully placed into special bags to ensure they don’t get scratched, and all IT equipment goes into computer “bins” that make it easy for us to safely move them out of your old office and onto our trucks, then into your new office. We move all your other furniture and belongings, then load the IT equipment last so that it comes out first at your new location. Computers and monitors are bubbled-wrapped, and wrapped again in blankets to ensure they arrive in perfect condition at your destination.
Once we arrive at your new office, we place each person’s equipment in the proper place then move the furniture in. Finally, we put everything back together and attach all wiring and make the appropriate connections.
Servers are a different “animal” and need to be handled with great care. At Arrow we 100% support your IT professional, and we consider moving your server room to be the “Move within the move.” We use a separate truck and team who are dedicated to just moving your servers.
It’s the attention to detail, and our experience, that allows us to move IT systems with ease and professionalism. We know you’re counting on us to have your business running without disruption, and we know that your computer systems are crucial to that ability to move and be productive the very next day.
When choosing a mover, question them about how they’ll handle your computers and servers. Make certain they’ve got the experience and knowledge to move these pieces of incredibly important equipment safely and cost-effectively.