You’ve decided you’re moving and don’t have a relationship with a mover you trust, so you do a Google search for movers in your area. You get several names, contact a few and they send out a sales rep to do an estimate (or they conduct the estimate via videoconference). The rep tells you how great their company is and sends you a quote.

Is it all about the price? We suggest that while price is certainly a consideration, there are other things you’ll want to consider when choosing a mover.

1) Was the salesperson professional and courteous? If the salesperson didn’t leave you with a good feeling, it’s likely your entire experience with the company they work for won’t either. Moving is often stressful and you want to work with a moving company whose staff is courteous, thoughtful, and professional.

2) Did the salesperson show up on time, or at least alert you that they’re running late? The last thing you need on move day is a team that shows up late. If the salesperson couldn’t be bothered to show up on time before you engaged them and paid a deposit, there’s a good chance the actual moving guys won’t be on time either.
3) Did they take the time to understand your needs fully, asking good questions and answering any that you had? If the sales rep rushed you or brushed off your questions and concerns that’s a sign that they don’t care about anything except getting paid.
4) Does the company have a long list of complaints against them and bad reviews online? Any mover that’s been in business for a while will have a bad review or two, but for the most part reviews should be positive, and complaints should be few. Check the Better Business Bureau website to see if there are unresolved complaints and what the company’s rating is. (Arrow’s is A+, the highest you can get)
5) Trust your gut. If you got a good feeling about the person you met with before choosing them, you’ve got a great chance of them doing everything possible to make sure your move goes smoothly, on time and cost effectively. If your gut is telling you something, positive or negative, listen to it.

It’s NOT all about the price when you move. Dealing with an experienced moving company, that stands behind every move and takes care of issues if they arise, is worth every penny!