Moving your office initially sounds simple…hire some guys with big muscles to lug your “stuff” from one location to another, right? That may be part of it, but there’s more that goes into an office move. Here’s a quick list of some of the professionals you’ll want to contact well in advance of a move.

1) Commercial Real Estate Agent/Broker – Someone has to help you find the right space at the right rent. Your agent should be an expert at listening to, and understanding, your particular situation and exact needs. They know the market and can guide you to find a new location that’s right for you.
2) Current Landlord/Building Manager – Let your landlord know you’ll be moving. Make sure you understand any building rules about when you can move, what elevators can be used, etc. (the same holds true at your new location)
3) Architect/Space Planner – Having someone experienced design your new space can help you make the most of every inch, and plan properly to keep your employees safe in the post Covid-19 world.
4) Painter – Typically a new space will have freshly painted walls, but if you’re looking for something custom, you’ll need to hire your own paint contractor.
5) Carpeting/Floor Covering – Some carpets and floor coverings need to be ordered months in advance. You’ll want someone who not only sells quality products, but also understands traffic patterns and how to install the right covering for different areas of your office so they don’t get a worn out look quickly.
6) Banker – Do you have enough cash on hand to pay for everything or will you need a loan/line of credit for the move, and everything involved?
7) Shredding Company – It’s smart to purge any unneeded documents prior to moving. Why pay to move something you no longer need?
8) Storage Company – Is it smarter, and more economical, to store some of your things offsite? You may need substantially less space for your office if you store rarely used items (e.g. – old paper files) in a secure storage facility.
9) Furniture Company – If you’ll be replacing some, or all, of your old furniture with new it’s smart to order well in advance. Furniture, partitions, etc. often have long lead times.
10) Telecommunications Vendor – Moving is a great time to upgrade your telecommunications to the latest equipment. Involving your vendor in the planning process helps ensure you can stay in touch with your customers, vendors and employees. Make sure your Internet vendor has you at the speed and bandwidth you need to work fast.
11) Copier Company – It might be time to upgrade to new copiers. Even if not, your lease agreement often states that the copiers must be moved by the company that leased them to you. Your mover can do the moving, but not if your contract says otherwise.
12) IT Vendor – Just as with Telecomm, moving might be a great time to upgrade your computers and network. They’ll also probably need to be involved for shutdown right before the move and start-up upon installation at your new location.
13) Cleaning Service – Will your old vendor handle your new location? If not, you’ll probably need to find a new cleaning service.
14) Disinfecting Service – In this particular time we’re living through, it’s smart to have a professional provider do a complete disinfecting after all vendors (including your moving company) have finished their work, before your employees show up on Day One at your new location. It might also be worth looking at having your offices disinfected on a regular basis.
15) Commercial Mover – Choosing a mover, well in advance of your actual move, is smart. The right mover will specialize in moving offices, have the right insurance and a well-trained team of moving professionals who will quickly and safely take your furniture and equipment from your old location to your new office. Give them plenty of advance notice as a good commercial mover can be booked up a month or two in advance. You’ll want a mover that is economical but, most importantly, will take care of any issues as they arise during a move, which they always do.
With enough time, proper planning and the right teams working with you, you’ll ensure that your move goes smoothly and that your employees are happily at work in your new space with little-to-no downtime or disruption.