There’s an old saying…”You’re never to old to learn!” That was especially true when we recently moved our offices and storage facility to a beautiful new location. The experience, which we undertook during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, was an excellent lesson in what our clients go through when we move them. Here are some thoughts you might find useful when you’re considering a move.
The physical move itself is just one facet to be considered, and possibly the least expensive. There are way more considerations than simply who will pick up your furniture and equipment and move it from one place to another.

For example, when moving it’s a smart time to consider your current vendors. Are your telecommunications systems up to date with the latest technology to keep you in touch with your employees, vendors and customers? Is it time to upgrade your Internet speed? What about copiers and other business machines? Is it time to get new copiers and, if not, does your contract call for the copier company to do that moving or can your mover do it for you? Should your mover be responsible for moving your servers or should an IT specialist handle it? What about your cleaning service? Are you happy with their services and will they service your new location?
Moving your office is a smart time to “right-size” your technology and an opportunity to upgrade to ensure your organization has the best possible tech to both handle your needs and to ensure it’s the most cost-effective. Moving outdated equipment may not make good business sense.
Moving was a great time for us to contact all our vendors to look at our agreements. Are the products and services they’re providing still needed or is there something better or different available that will either save us money or provide a higher level of service? When we moved, we upgraded our phone system…telecom technology, like computer technology changes rapidly and it made sense to invest in a new, and better system.
Choosing the décor for the new office took time too. We had to consider whether our existing furniture was still serving us well or did we need to replace things. For us, some was still in good shape, but other items needed to be replaced or purchased for the first time. We now have a conference room which we didn’t have at the old location…a conference table, chairs, audiovisual equipment and more are considerations that had to be taken into account.
We also learned the huge impact a move makes on the staff and management emotionally. Moving is a stressful time and we not only had to keep the business running during the move, we also had to be aware of the concerns of our office team and help them acclimate to the new office space. Human beings tend to be creatures of habit and when you move things are different. The IT department is located some where than people are used to. So is the office supply closet…even the bathrooms. We found it important to consider the psychological and emotional stress our employees were under and to reassure them it was all going to work out for the better. Management was also under pressure to make sure we were out of the old location by a certain date. If not, we were going to have to pay rent at two locations.
It turns out there’s WAY more to consider when moving your office and doing this for ourselves gave us much greater insights into what YOU go through when we move your office. Our move has made us way more empathetic and understanding, and able to help our valued clients move easier and for us to act as true consultants…mot just movers.