Here’s Why Commercial Movers Should Move Your Office!

Every business or organization is going to move at some point. When choosing a mover, the first thought is often, how do I get the best price for my move?” Often those cut-rate prices come from movers who end up costing you more in the long run. Who are those movers? Residential movers. Here are just some of the reasons why you should always use a Commercial mover for office, retail or other commercial related moves.



Experience is everything. Moving a home & moving an office require very different skill sets. Whether it be the break-down of cubicles or the packing and safe transport of files, an experienced commercial mover will have the answers to make your less stressful and your life much easier!





A reputable, experienced commercial mover understands that in order to do their job right, they have to provide understanding to the client. A great 

commercial mover, like Arrow Transfer & Storage, will help you to make sure everyone in the office is understands what they need to do, and is comfortable and set up with enough materials to make their move go smoothly with few, if any, out too many questions on the day of the move.

At Arrow, our goal is to make sure we do our job right, so you can continue doing yours!






Cardboard boxes & tape? That’s the clear sign of a Residential Mover. On commercial moves, you can easily go green and save time by using Eco-Crates. Arrow Transfer & Storage uses Arrow Eco-Crates because they are reusable, good for the Earth & easier for your office to get packed properly, quickly and without stress. They save you money too.

Take a look at our Eco-Crate video below to learn more!


So, next time you need to move your office, make sure to research the top Commercial Movers in your area! In the NY tri-state area? Consider using Arrow Transfer & Storage. Mention this blog post for 10% off materials and a FREE estimate!