Shredding your hard drive may seem like an odd thing to do. Most people think if you wipe a hard drive all the contents are gone, but that isn’t true. According to, “You can delete or format an external or internal hard drive, but deleting everything doesn’t erase hard drive and formatting also does not erase data.”

So how do you get rid of your data? How do you stay completely safe and secure with your confidential information? Simple… you have to dispose of the drive. No — not just throw it in the trash, but actually shred it!

A secure hard-drive shredding service is your best bet. When looking for a hard-drive shredding or disposal service, it is key to make sure they are NAID certified and can give you proper reporting on the chain of custody. The last thing any business wants is to have their secure information out in the open.




We at Arrow can meet your immediate, scheduled and/or project needs. We work with you to find the most convenient and cost-containing solution for safe and secure document destruction. We are a security conscious firm. We protect against identity theft, financial leakage and other potential breaches.

Being NAID Certified, we know data security, data protection legislation, and secure information destruction better than anyone else. NAID has become the single most trusted industry authority and watchdog in the minds of service providers, the government, private sector businesses and consumers.

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Watch our video below to see how exactly our shredding professionals dispose of your information.