One of the most difficult aspects of moving is the packing process. Almost everyone uses cardboard boxes, but they’re expensive, they’re not environmentally friendly and they can only hold so much “stuff” and limited amount of weight.

That is why at Arrow we minimize the amount of cardboard boxes and, instead, use Arrow Eco-Crates!


With our Eco-Crates you now have a great alternative for your packing needs. These crates are specifically designed for an office move and each one comes with its own crate-dolly, eliminating the need for back-breaking labor in the office. No need for you and your team to take the broken-down boxes, open them to the right shape and tape the bottom to make sure it holds when loaded. Instead, employees will be able to quickly pack and unpack – no tape needed!

Every Eco-Crate gets reused many times and saves thousands of boxes every year and trees. We are very conscious of the status of our environment & with Arrow Eco-Crates we hope to help save as many resources as possible!

Learn more about Eco-Crates here!